Psychiatry and neurology are priority areas for us

Emilia Grzela
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We strive to ensure that our portfolio includes a wide range of therapies to meet the needs of patients with neurological and psychiatric conditions. It includes, among others, medicines used to treat epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression and schizophrenia," said Jörg-Thomas Dierks, CEO of Neuraxpharm, during the 27th Congress of the European Psychiatric Association in Warsaw.

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You joined Neuraxpharm in 2018. Did this decision involve a major change?

Jörg-Thomas Dierks, CEO Neuraxpharm
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Jörg-Thomas Dierks, CEO Neuraxpharm

It was certainly a change that resulted in an interesting experience. Working at Neuraxpharm gave me the opportunity to participate in the creation of a company specialising in the development, production and marketing of drugs used in the field of psychiatry and neurology. This is a special field of medicine in which new, innovative therapies and better patient care are still very much needed. Just look at the statistics. For example, up to 300 million people worldwide are struggling with depression, with around 50 million people suffering from dementia. This is a huge area of unmet needs. Most companies produce medicines for a single, specific indication, but our company wants to be a partner for doctors offering a wide range of therapies for multiple indications. So it was a big challenge for me to start this cooperation, but that's what I expected.

Which markets will be crucial for the company at the moment?

Over two years ago we entered the Spanish and German markets, where our main activity focuses today. Later, we continued our expansion into other Western European countries - Great Britain, France and Italy. Neuraxpharm has always had the ambition to become a European leader. The logical consequence was an interest in Central and Eastern Europe. From our perspective, it is a very attractive region. A great example is Poland with the sixth largest pharmaceutical market in Europe. As a country you have a large number of inhabitants, so it was natural to be interested in Poland as a potential place for further development. 

Why is Central and Eastern Europe an attractive region for the pharmaceutical industry?

Apart from the Polish market, which is very dynamic, there are also the Czech, Hungarian and Slovak markets. For a company like Neuraxpharm, for which developing and building its position is the most important factor, it is a more favourable environment than Western European countries, where the market has already been divided among the strongest producers.

What are Neuraxpharm's plans for 2019 and next year?

In the near future, we will focus on gradually expanding our operations into new European markets and increasing the number of drugs on offer. Today we are present in 9 European countries. This year we would like to open branches in Portugal and Austria, and Scandinavia is also important for us in this respect.

It is very important for Neuraxpharm to expand its portfolio with new drugs and modern therapies to make it as diverse and useful as possible for doctors. At present, we offer specialists in more than 140 active substances that are the basis of various medicinal products. Of course, we are constantly evolving in this direction, and we currently have 25 promising research projects underway.

Which therapeutic areas does Neuraxpharm specialise in?

We strive to ensure that our portfolio includes a wide range of therapies to meet the needs of patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders. These include medicines used to treat epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression and schizophrenia. This diversity is also evident in the research projects I have mentioned. The potential scope of research projects will not just affect to a single, narrowly defined indication. Of course, we focus on psychiatry and neurology, but we want Neuraxpharm's drug and therapeutic portfolio to address all health needs in these areas. 

Is it for these reasons that the presence of the European Psychiatric Association at this year's congress is so important for the company?

We have just opened a Neuraxpharm branch in Poland and the European Psychiatric Association conference, which is taking place in Warsaw this year, is a great opportunity to start activities in this country and introduce the offer in the community of Polish psychiatrists. This year's EPA Congress is an event that we simply could not miss. As I mentioned before, psychiatry and neurology are priority areas for us, so the presence at such an important meeting is crucial for us. We are new to the market, but we have found a niche for ourselves that we have managed to dominate. There is no other pharmaceutical company with as extensive an offer as ours in these two areas of medicine.

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